Who we are

AMS Transglobal Consultants was founded in 2013 with the goal of providing infrastructure project management and project development consulting services. Our team of highly professional and commited consultants work around the clock and around the world to provide the best possible services. We believe in a client-focused approach, and strive to exceed our clients' expectation in every single thing we do.

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What we do

The focus and core business of the company has always been consultancy for transportation related construction projects, including, bridges,tunnels, highways and highway intersections among others. Since 2016, given the company's outstanding success, AMS Transglobal Consultants broadened it's fields of work to include large-scale water infrastructure projects such as dams, water purification and water desalination projects. Today, AMS Transglobal Consultants provides world-class project management consulting services in our fields of expertise to clients around the globe.


As an international consulting firm in the field of project management and project development, AMS Transglobal Consultants leads complex projects from start to finish, together with our clients.

The company focuses on providing comprehensive consultancy in the fields of construction of transportation and water infrastructure.

Our team of outstanding and highly commited professionals includes experienced project managers, project development consultants, lawyers, accountants and financial analysts.

Our services include:

Project management and Project development consulting services

Project planning consulting

Including site assessment, planning of all stages and milestones of the project and budget estimation.

Project supervision consulting

PIncluding process definition and control, schedule and timeline management. .

Legal consultancy

Including professional consulting in case of a law suit or the need for legal support throughout the project's development stages.

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